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Who we are

The blog address is and will remain mainly the one you already know: Some of the projects launched by this website might have dedicated third-level domains, but still linked to the top-level domain (or to one of the domains managed by me anyway). The Data Controller is always me, myself.

What personal data is collected and why

None of the add-ons for Google Chrome that I have released collect data that is transferred to my systems. The Marvellous Suspender, the only extension that generated Google’s request to have a publicly available Privacy Policy, collected anonymous statistics via Google Analytics in its latest malware-free version (the latest managed by the old developer).

Starting from version, no more data will be collected. The extension uses only your browsing history to work. In case you need to perform screen capture of visited websites (before suspension) you will need to provide permissions to access all visited websites (mandatory for html2canvas to work properly).

If you don’t grant permissions, the extension will still work without any kind of problem.

What rights do you have over your data

The website ( does not allow registration, the only data are those generated during the navigation inside the blog and they are all reported at In any case it’s my obligation to allow you to verify (then export or delete completely) all the data related to you (via email address). This is possible thanks to the tools integrated within WordPress and the use of a form that you can fill out at any time to proceed. You can find it here:

In compliance with the GDPR regulation effective from May 25, 2018. If you have any questions or report wrongdoing, you can contact the email address The URL to reach this document directly is

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